Monday, August 13, 2012

ORTOVOX Collection

Model : Ortovox Free Rider 24
Color  : Red,Blue,Grey
Details : The premium product among the free riders! The Phantom not only looks great, but also features numerous highlights, which add yet more value compared to other free-ride models. The outer material is incredibly textile and has a fine look and feel. The Phantom is the only free rider that provides, besides the side ski fastening, a diagonal attachment that allows the skis to be attached without removing the backpack. The waterproof extra compartment is also unique and protects documents and electronic items from moisture. 
Common to all free riders is the integrated SPS back protector. It consists of five superimposed layers that effectively protect against back injuries. The protector is TÜV-certified and is held by the neoprene hip belt where it belongs: on the back. 
The Free Rider has a body-like silhouette. Due to the close-fitting cut, it goes through every movement without developing its own momentum. 
As additional features it includes snowboard and helmet fasteners, a special compartment for safety equipment, pick loops, cell phone/camera compartment and the alarm whistle for emergency situations. Price : RM 350